Welcome to The Deco Devotion Blog

Hi there and welcome to the Deco Devotion blog site or ‘Deco Blog’ as we have called it. There is more information on the ‘About us’ tab but whilst here, we hope you really enjoy this blog and please feel free to leave any comments good and bad about what we are trying to achieve with our Art Deco community vision.

You can join us on twitter   @decodevotion   or go to our web site at www.decodevotion.co.uk and check out our other social networking innitiatives. Whatever format suits you best, again we hope you get something out of this for the continued support of All Things Art Deco…

Best Regards

The Deco Devotion Team (4th April 2010)


2 Responses to Welcome to The Deco Devotion Blog

  1. renepower says:

    Hi DD, just stumbled over your blog. I think there is a lot of interest in Deco in the UK so I think a UK based society is a great idea.

    There are lots of groups in the US which could be contacted for guidance and support and don’t discount the power of groups on portals like Linkedin (I’m a member of photography, adobe photoshop and twitter groups so its not just about business).

    What are your next steps?

    • decodevotion says:

      Hi Rene, we have registered a URL for the society and already contacted a number of different countries. Our best shot is to get a web site going, canvass interested parties and see how it goes. Secretariat and articles of memorandum all in place. Watch this space but would love to hear from others??

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